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Father's Day hampers show Dad how much he means on his special day.

Think of all those sporting games and outings he has taken you on, school drop-offs, and all those times when you've just needed someone to listen to you.

Show your love and thanks with one of our special Father's Day hampers which are sure to please.

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Father's Day Hampers 2024.  Sunday 1st September

Yes, Father’s Day 2024 will sneak up on us again this year and it will suddenly be time to find the perfect gift that your dad will love. We may have known them our entire lives, but fathers aren’t the easiest to buy for, which is why hampers and gift baskets for men are such a great idea. Why give him one gift when you can give him a hamper full of gourmet treats and his favourite tipple that you know he will love? If you'd like some handy hints, check out our Father's Day blog for 2024 — it reviews a range of gift hampers to suit all Dads.

Show Dad how much he means on his special day with one of our gift baskets for men. Think of all those sporting games and outings he has taken you on, school drop-offs, and all those times when you've just needed someone to listen to you. Show your love and thanks with one of our special Dad's Day hampers which are sure to please

Need help choosing a Father's Day gift?

Buying a Father's Day gift is not only difficult but can often be stressful. Asking Dad what he wants is a fruitless endeavour. Every year he gives the stock standard response of "I don't need anything so long as I have you!". That's certainly sweet, but it's far from helpful! So So, check out our Father’s Day gift idea blogs Going One Better on Father's Day, Dads Are Hard to Buy For, For Mixer & Man-Caver Dads: Father’s Day Hampers, Dad, You're One of My Favourite Parents, Father's Day Hampers and Navigating Father's Day, for a range of gift ideas perfect for any dad no matter what they like!

Dads Are Hard to Buy For!  Saved by a Father's Day Hamper

Men are hard to buy gifts for — FACT. That’s why we’ve curated a collection of amazing gift baskets for men!

It’s not easy to find out what guys really want as gifts. Sometimes, even if we do pick up on the rare not-so-subtle hints from them and keep a certain gift in mind, we are most probably looking at the wrong brand, the wrong type, or the wrong price (according to them once they find out).

As mums, wives, and daughters ourselves, the owners of Creative Hampers (Sarah, Learne & Rachel) have put together a selection of Father's Day gift hampers to suit all types of Dads — even those hard to buy for ones.

We try to make things easy as possible for you by curating some perfect combinations of gifts he's sure to love, won’t expect and will actually use! When you buy a Creative Hampers gift basket for men, rest assured that you’re always dealing with one of us owners — we oversee every step to ensure that your fathers will feel loved and you enjoy a seamless shopping experience.

Going One Better on Father’s Day

Maybe he won you over with some terrific Mother’s Day plans and gifts a couple of months ago. So now's your chance to go one better, and what better way than a luxury hamper to show how much he means to you and the family? 

If you’re running out of ideas, or you’re grabbing presents for your husband on behalf of your kids every year — then have a look through our Father's Day gift basket for men 2023 collection.

We’ve put together the best range of Father’s day gift ideas

It’s safe to assume that many dads out there are fond of a brew or two. If your father falls into this category, you might have trouble choosing just one hamper out of our extensive range. Take a look at our Corona Beer Hamper for the dad who loves a little lime in his bottle, or if he is fond of a craft beer or two, then let his tastebuds wander with the Craft Beer Sampler Hamper hamper.

For wine lovers & connoisseurs, we have many to choose from. Our Ultimate Gourmet Gift comes with a smooth bottle of Shiraz nestled among the most delectable treats we could find. Also, have a look at Robert Oatley’s Shiraz Gourmet Platter, or if Dad loves his white, then there’s no going past the Robert Oatley's Sauvignon Blanc Gourmet Platter. If something bubbly is more to dad’s taste, look no further than Moet & Gourmet Nibbles — the name says it all.

Don’t be late for Father’s Day 2024

The date may be on the calendar, but that doesn’t stop it from sneaking up on us. Don’t worry, we offer SAME-DAY delivery for all Sydney-siders for delivery the Friday before Father’s Day, as we don’t deliver on weekends. FREE Standard Delivery Australia-wide is included in all our hampers as well as Express delivery if you want it there sooner. Our customer service is something we take seriously so that your dad won’t be left empty-handed this year. We are certainly here to help.

Father’s Day gift baskets for men from Creative Hamper

Besides free shipping Australia-wide, Creative Hamper guarantees exceptional service with a personalised touch for all your orders. Our gift baskets for men are the perfect Father's Day gift, containing premium quality products at incredible value.

When you shop our gift baskets for men on Father's Day, you can add a personal touch that speaks volumes about how much you appreciate the dads in your life. Simply tailor your gift with a free gift card and personalised message when you place an order online.

Honour the incredible fathers in your life with our gift baskets for men. Explore our collection now and experience Father's Day redefined with Creative Hampers — your destination for thoughtful and distinctive gift hampers. Place your order now and secure your 2023 Father's Day gift!

When is Father’s Day Australia in 2024?

Remember the date. Father's Day in Australia is Sunday, September 1. Even if you’re a little late, you can still find the perfect Father’s Day gift basket for men and get it on time with our free, same-day delivery Australia-wide! We don’t deliver on weekends but we’ll get your Father’s Day gift to you the Friday before.

The history of Father's Day

It’s never easy being a father, even before Father’s Day was invented — that’s why it’s great we have a whole day to celebrate them with Father’s Day gifts!

Father's Day can be traced back to the Middle Ages when Christians celebrated St Joseph's Day in honour of baby Jesus's father figure, according to Wikipedia. The modern version, however, has a more sombre origin, as told by the ABC. Following a horrific mining disaster in the United States that killed 360 men, the local church held a memorial the following year, in 1908, to honour the victims.

Around the same time, Sonora Smart Dodd was looking for ways to celebrate her own father, a war veteran and widower who had raised his six children single-handedly. Her church took up the idea, as did several others in the area, and in 1972, the US government officially recognised the third Sunday in June as a national holiday.

According to a Western Herald article in 1964, Father's Day was first celebrated in Australia in 1935. As for the date? No one really knows why the first Sunday in September was chosen, but it is equidistant to Mother's Day and Christmas, giving us a nice spread of celebratory occasions throughout the calendar year. 

The history of hampers

Wikipedia has great information on the history of gift hampers and the tradition that has been built in Australia, including the time 20,000 hampers were sent to troops at Gallipoli. Find out more about charitable hampers, Christmas hampers and commercial hampers - they truly are the ultimate gift for all occasions.